Next Steps

Our vision

‘Working for a vibrant, diverse and sustainable future of the Tithe Barn and its surroundings to safeguard their unique heritage features for the benefit and enjoyment of local people’

As a small charity and not for profit volunteer group, we’re committed to saving and sympathetically restoring the Grade II listed Tithe Barn for community use. We envisage the future of the barn will include Education and group visits, Public open days, venue hire for Wedding ceremonies, a Film and Photoshoot location, Exhibition space and events including Community Cinema and Farmers Markets. We welcome your ideas and comments on this topic, so get in touch via

We are currently seeking a Treasurer to join our board and Event Volunteers.  This project can only succeed with your help, so do get involved.

We have made a cracking start fundraising over 65k in pledges towards the restoration, but this is just the beginning of an exciting journey and new chapter for the Tithe Barn.

A hidden gem in the heart of Landbeach, Cambridgeshire