The tithe barn’s new gates – built by Westover Woodlands

With the diverse grant funding we received over the recent years we are grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund in also supporting the design and installation of new entrance gate sets, making any arrival to the barn a more special experience.

To help us realise this project we are delighted to have found regional specialists Stephen and Becky Westover of Westover Woodlands. This father and daughter operation manage an ancient woodland in Essex and undertake special woodland management from tree thinning to regular coppicing to sourcing the sustainable materials they use to construct fencing and gates.

The gates and fence panels are fully made by hand using tools and techniques that would have been familiar to the barn’s original medieval builders. Using sweet chestnut shaped by hand through the use of diverse tools such as axes, adzes, froes and draw knives Stephen and Beckys’ work has resulted in our having a fully accessible pedestrian gate and field gates leading to the barn and pastures and with their rustic look they are more fitting than our old gates to invite visitors to explore the historic barn’s environment.

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