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Cambridge Open Studios at Landbeach tithe barn – a great success!

July 9 & 10 saw over 170 visitors view artworks by more than a dozen local and regional artists working in a wide range of media.

The wonderfully atmospheric Landbeach tithe barn and the fine weather made for a perfect location to take in and admire this display of East Anglian talent.

The exhibition included works by Cambridge Drawing Society members Rob Ellis (watercolours), Naomi Tomkys (oil paintings) and Rita Morton (linocuts). Others included Mary B Fraser (mixed media work, calligraphy and printmaking); Louis Hopper Marek (photography); John Stephenson, Manda Barnes and Pete Bucktrout (life drawing/painting); Gurpran (Bunny) Rau (abstracts) and last but by no means least, Tithe Barn trustee Melanie Hale (oil painting & printmaking).

In addition there was fine art basketry by Geraldine Poore, Melanie Hart and Sally Roach, wire sculptures by Manda Barnes, plus some interesting vitrines (display cases) by Victoria Smith. Watercolourist Rob Ellis also has made beautiful guitars and brought two of his instruments, inviting visitors to play them. At the end of the two days 12 artworks had been sold, including three photo prints by 17 year-old Louis, clearly a young talent with great potential.

John Stephenson’s work proved popular with three sold

Open Studio – Ready and waiting for visitors

Some examples of the work displayed by other artists are below.

Manda Barnes

Portrait of the artist as a tree (Rob Ellis)
Mary Fraser
Melanie Hale
Louis Hopper Marek
Rita Morton
Geraldine Poore

All artwork images copyright to artist. Used with permission.

The Scottish Play comes to Landbeach!

Thursday 16th June finished with what can only be described as a quintessentially perfect English summer evening. It was then that the Tithe Barn Trust hosted in their lovely iconic tithe barn a most exciting and great event in the form of a much edited and reduced play by William Shakespeare. It was enacted by three members of the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts in front of a large and eager audience more than 90 strong which encompassed ages from the very young to the not so young.

Shakespeare always wrote to entertain, but the actors this evening took that to yet another level. ‘Macbeth’ is considered one of Shakespeare’s serious plays but Chris McKay (on the staff of The School) and two of his 1st year students had us in fits of laughter for much of the hour-long entertainment. In fact the play was so changed by Chris’ rewriting of it that only parts had a semblance to the original work! The three performers took on at least five roles each and when necessary, calls to the audience came, when some quite young members came up and ably and confidently took on ‘as extras’!

There were two performances; the first at 4 pm for other students from the School to see, and a public one at 6 pm. Some of the audience came early to have a picnic on the Barn’s grass apron whilst others did likewise after the show. It was one of our most well attended events of the year and Chris says he will be more than happy to come again next year… which will be his seventh in bringing students to perform for us.

It was also wonderful to have in attendance our recently stepped down Chair, Gemma O’Shea with her two young girls and so many Friends of The Barn who have over these many years so generously donated to the Barn’s cause.